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BenchCel マイクロプレートハンドラー

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Agilent社製 BenchCel マイクロプレートハンドラーはBioTek社のプレートウォッシャー、ディスペンサー、プレートリーダー、イメージャーと接続できるコンパクトな自動化システムであり、様々なアプリケーションのワークフローの自動化に役立ちます。 BenchCelは幅広いスループットのニーズを満たすために、スタッカーサイズ(高さ)、スタッカー本数が選択可能な高速ロボットです。モジュール設計を採用しており、多様化するラボアプリケーションに対応するために必要な柔軟性と拡張性が備わっています。 BenchCelは、ELISAの自動化、Add/Readプロトコル、細胞固定、染色、イメージングプロセスを含む、アプリケーションに特化したワークフローのWalk-Away処理を可能にします。 本装置はAgilent VWorksに対応しており、多彩なワークフローの要求に応えるダイナミックなスケジューリングを提供します。


BenchCel, EL406 and Neo2The Agilent BenchCel microplate handler integrates easily with several liquid handling, detection and imaging instruments, becoming automated workstations for a variety of applications, including:

Automated ELISA:  A typical automated ELISA workstation includes the BenchCel plate handler, BioTek’s EL406 washer dispenser and Synergy Neo2 multimode reader.

Automated Add & Read Assays:  With BioTek’s MultiFlo FX dispenser and Synergy Neo2 plate reader, the BenchCel system can meet a very wide range of throughput requirements in applications using fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence.

Automated Cell Fixing, Staining and Imaging protocols: For Automated Cell Fixing, Staining and Imaging protocols, the BenchCel is integrated with MultiFlo FX dispenser and Cytation 5 imaging reader to automated multi-step processes like those in a cell fixation, staining and imaging workflow. This setup is versatile to meet a range of throughput requirements.

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for the BenchCel microplate handler, integrated with BioTek microplate readers, imagers, washers and dispensers. Visit our Applications page to see more.

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purple BOX  Open and flexible platform automates a variety of workflows

Open and flexible platform automates a variety of workflows
BenchCel fully automates workflows between several BioTek liquid handling, detection and imaging instruments, including; MultiFlo FX multimode dispenser, EL406 washer dispenser, Synergy Neo2 multimode reader, Cytation 5 cell imaging multimode reader and Epoch 2 microplate spectrophotometer.

purple BOX  ELISA workflow automation

ELISA workflow automation
The BenchCel microplate handler with an EL406 and Synergy Neo2 can batch process several ELISA plates. Automated plate washing, reagent addition and absorbance measurements facilitate the process to get results quickly.

purple BOX  Flexible scheduling software

Flexible scheduling software
Agilent VWorks software offers an intuitive graphical interface and dynamic scheduling capabilities. Users can create and run protocols, forms and monitor progress of their workflows from VWorks.

purple BOX  Several stack sizes: variety of vessels

BenchCel's convenient front-loading stacks can be used in a wide variety of environments: benchtop, hood, biosafety cabinet. They accommodate a variety of microplate types including deep well plates.