Automated, Gentle Media Exchange

Spheroidal 3D cell culture is increasingly common for many research areas as it better mimics the in vivo environment. It can be challenging to perform media exchanges and washes without accidental cell structure loss.

BioTek’s patent-pending AMX™ module for the MultiFlo™ FX enables gentle automated media exchange to protect and encourage proliferation of 2D, 3D and suspension cells in microplate-based assays. The AMX module uses both peristaltic pumps, one to dispense and one to aspirate media from the plate wells.

MultiFlo FX
The two peristaltic pumps control the media flow through two eight tube cassettes and two
eight-tube manifolds into the microplate. The arrows indicate the flow pattern.

dispense tubes (left) and aspirate tubes (right)
Close-up shows the critical positioning of the dispense tubes (left) and aspirate tubes (right) during media exchanges.


The software operates the pumps slowly and gently so cells and cell structures aren’t disturbed during the media exchange, and dispense and aspirate tubes x-y-z positions are adjustable to avoid contact with cell structures in the wells.

AMX Benefits:

  • Automates media exchange for 2D, 3D and other cell structures
  • Helps protect cells and encourage cell structure growth
  • AMX module can be added to MultiFlo FX and easily exchanged with other modules for workflow versatility


Visual Abstracts (.mp4):

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Automated Media Exchange (AMX) for Spheroid Cellular Models
Automated Media Exchange (AMX)
for Spheroid Cellular Models




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