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Synergy NEO2/LFX用CO2/O2ガスコントローラー

部品番号: 1210013

対応機種: Synergy Neo2 , Cytation 7, Cytation 5, Cytation 1, Synergy HTX

Synergy NEO2/LFX用CO2/O2ガスコントローラー

Increasingly, life science assays are run on live cells. Some of these assays require control over CO2 and O2 concentrations to modulate the environment for pH buffering or to create a hypoxic condition. These assays are traditionally run in flasks in a low-throughput manner, but there is a burgeoning interest in automation of live cell-based assays in microplates for higher throughput and efficiency, therefore there is a need for cell-friendly microplate instrumentation.

The Gas Controller allows full control over CO2 and O2 concentrations to regulate the environment for microplate based live cell assays.